TOP 50

Last Update 23:00:02 GMT Mar 17
Player Based Rankings
Highest Level (glossary)
Strongest Fleet
Most Planets
Highest Referer Bonus
Most points after one week

Overall Ranking
The first player who manages to have 500 points or more over one week wins the game. 50-100 100-150 150-200 200-250 250-300 300-350 350-400 400-450 450-500

The first alliance which has 380 points or more over three days wins the game.

Permanent Highscore
The best players from all rounds. Since beta 5.

Astro Wars for PC (Last Game)
The best players from the PC Version of Astro Wars.
Planet Based Rankings
Best Planets
Highest Population
Best Guarded

Star System Based Rankings
Highest Level
Highest Non Food Output (Production, Culture, Science)

Various Stats
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